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11 Simple Fitness Equipment For Exercise At Home

If you are lazy to go to the gym, you can exercise at home, for example with sit ups or yoga with a mat. To vary the exercise movement, it never hurts to invest a little by buying some exercise equipment at home which is relatively affordable and does not take up much space. Come on, consider the following recommendations.

Various sports equipment for exercise at home that you must have
Many people are lazy to exercise because they have to go back and forth to the gym. Maybe there are also those who don’t believe in trying a sophisticated fitness gym, the impression of using a tool, and being difficult to use. Actually exercising does not need to be complicated, you know.

A number of simple fitness equipment that can be used for exercise at home is a good investment to start exercising without the need to leave the house. In addition to their many uses, they are compact, easy to store, and you can take them with you anywhere.

Here are recommendations for exercise equipment at home and how to use it that you can easily practice.

1. Resistance tape

Resistance band is a piece of elastic rubber band to train muscle strength and endurance. The elasticity of the resistance band varies from low to high. The lower the elasticity, the harder the rope stretches you, so the muscles have to work extra to fight it.

There are various forms of resistance bands. Some are really like a piece of rubber cord, some have handles at both ends, and some are circular.

There are many ways to use resistance bands. The most common way is to pull the two ends in opposite directions. You can also step on one end and then pull the other end up as high as you can.

You can also modify the regular squat exercise with the help of this elastic band. try 8 do-25 reps (reps) for 2-3 sets per exercise.

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2. Rope skipping

Jumping rope aka skipping is an inexpensive home exercise to improve heart and lung fitness, as well as train leg muscle strength. Skipping is also an alternative to cardio to burn fat if you don’t like running.

At first, do jumps continuously for 30 seconds or the equivalent of 50 jumps. either in 3-4 sets, then rest for 30-90 seconds between the second set. Increase the duration of your jump rope gradually from 60 seconds to 90 seconds.

You do jump rope exercises three to four times a week non-consecutively. For example, today you jump rope, but tomorrow you don’t.

3. Foam roller

A foam roller is a roll of soft foam that you use to relax those muscles that feel tight and tight after strenuous exercise. You can also use this home exercise tool before exercising to prevent injury.

In addition, foam rollers can also be used as exercise aids during yoga to help maintain and strengthen body balance. Another benefit of the foam roller is to remove cellulite on the body, especially for women.

4. Yoga mat

When you exercise at home, it feels incomplete if you don’t have this one equipment. Yes, a yoga mat is an important exercise tool for those of you who regularly do yoga or meditation. This tool is also useful for performing various floor exercises, such as planks, push ups, and sit ups.

The yoga mat still functions to keep your footing steady during yoga poses, while protecting your body from attacks when you fall. In addition, you will also feel more comfortable doing yoga on a mat for a long time.

5. Dumbbell

Dumbbells are mini versions of the weightlifters found in the gym. The weight of the dumbbell itself varies, ranging from very light about 0.5 kg to heavy up to 10 kg.

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If you’re just starting to lift weights, dumbbells can help build your arm and shoulder muscles. In addition, you can also use dumbbells as a variation when doing sit ups, bench presses, to squats as a challenge and maximize your exercise session.

6. Kettlebell

The kettlebell is a ball-shaped fitness device that has a handle. You usually use the kettlebell by lifting it or swinging it. Kettlebell weights range from 8 kg to 20 kg, so you are better off using both hands when using it.

Just like dumbbells, this exercise tool is suitable for training and strengthening the muscles of the upper body, the core muscles. Even so, you can also modify plank sessions, squats, and push ups using kettlebells to help strengthen the lower body, such as the buttocks, thighs, and calves.

7. Fitness ball

A fitness ball or also known as a gym ball is one of the sports equipment at home that can be used for all ages. In addition to sports, pregnant women or people with certain conditions use this ball to improve their body health.

This exercise equipment is generally good for cardio, strength, balance, posture, and flexibility exercises. Some simple movements that you can do with the help of a fitness ball, such as planks, push ups, and ball crunches.

8. Pull bars

Pull bars are now available in portable versions so you can do pull ups at home. This simple fitness tool for home can be easily mounted to a wall or door with a strong grip to hold your body movement during pull ups.

This fitness equipment is generally in the form of a single bar with a strong steel material. To make it comfortable during exercise, the handle is usually made of foam or foam that is soft and not slippery when you hold it.

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9. Slider disc

Slider disc is a sports tool that is flat so that it is easier for you to store and take it anywhere. This exercise tool serves to help launch body movements when doing calisthenics, such as lunges or mountain climbers.

This flat and round object will launch body movements on a flat surface, be it floors, carpets, or hardwood. The slider disc will reduce friction between the body and the surface, so you don’t have to lift your hands or feet that are the foundation of movement when doing the exercise.

10. Ab Wheel

Ab wheel has the form of a rotating wheel with two handles on each side. You usually use this equipment for ab wheel rollout exercises that aim to train your back muscles, shoulder muscles, arm muscles, and core muscles.

How to use the ab wheel is to move it back and forth in a prone position. Position the body in a half plank with support on the knees and hold the ab wheel with the back and arms straight. Then push and pull the ab wheel with the strength of your core muscles.

11. Static bike

Static bicycles have benefits that are not much different from cycling in general. Anyone can do this exercise to improve body fitness or even help lose weight.

Quoted from Harvard Health, stationary cycling for 30 minutes burns 252 calories in people weighing 70 kg. Compared to outdoor cycling, stationary bicycles are also more comfortable and safe. You can exercise while listening to music or watching TV.

Exercising at home can be used as an alternative if outdoor conditions are not conducive, such as heavy motorized vehicle traffic and high levels of air pollution. When exercising, always make sure you wear comfortable clothing and sports shoes to reduce the risk of injury.

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