What is Omicron and Update Omicron News in The World

By this time Omicron had become the talk of the whole world. The increase in cases is already very high. This virus emerged after the Covid19, Alpha, and Delta viruses. But do we know this virus?

What is Omicron Virus?

The Omicron variant was first discovered in South Africa. This viruses is as a variant of Covid-19 which spreads more quickly and can cause a spike in cases everywhere. Until January 3, 2022, this variant has spread to 132 countries including Botswana, Nigeria, Philippines, South Korea, Germany, Norway, United Kingdom, Kuwait, United States, Malaysia, Singapore, and including Indonesia.

This new variant is a challenge in itself, because until now it is not certain whether the Omicron is more dangerous than the previous variant. When compared to the Delta variant, the Omicron is much lighter. If you look at the various cases in a number of countries, this variant is prone to attack the young population and the symptoms are not severe.

Comparison of Omicron with Other Viruses

Even so, we need to remain vigilant, because the spread of Omicron mutates three times faster than the Delta variant, making it easier for a wave of Covid-19 cases to occur. This variant can affect anyone, even if they that have vaccine. In fact, people who are Omicron positive may have no symptoms at all. Not surprisingly, there are 900,000 new cases from various countries every day. Then, the next question arises, how to prevent it?

So far, the prevention we can do to anticipate the surge in Omicron cases is more or less the same as the prevention of the previous variant, namely vaccination. Vaccination is still the most effective way to reduce the rate of spread of the Corona virus.

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However, this step will be much more effective, if it is accompanied by increasing the number of testing and implementing health protocols (using masks, washing hands, maintaining distance, avoiding crowds, avoiding eating together, and reducing mobility). These steps can protect you from getting infection with the Omicron variant.

How To Stay Safe And Early Prevention

In addition, if you have traveled from out of town or abroad, don’t forget to self-quarantine for 7-10 days. The criteria for the country of origin of arrival that need to self-quarantine for 10 days are:

  • Having confirmed community transmission of the Omicron variant,
  • Geographically adjacent to the community transmission country of Omicron new variant cases, and
  • The number of confirmed cases of the Omicron variant is more than 10,000.

Quarantine is to detect whether there is a possibility that we are positive for Omicron after traveling. Because this variant causes only mild symptoms or even no symptoms at all. As for other efforts that can be done, such as limiting gatherings that trigger crowds and maintaining distance when in public spaces. During activities in public spaces or closed spaces, it is recommended to always wear a mask.

Update Omicron News in The World

World Omicron Case Updates As Omicron cases increase around the world, many regulation from government have to cancel several important events, from the AFC Asian Women’s Football Cup in India to the wedding of the Prime Minister of New Zealand.

On Sunday (23/1/2022), India’s women’s national football team was forced to withdraw from the AFC Women’s Football Cup. The India versus China Taipei match was canceled, as reported by The Indian Express. India’s withdrawal was due to 12 players who tested positive for Covid-19.

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The number of players who have tested positive for Covid has made the Indian football team unable to compete in the AFC Women’s Soccer Cup in Asia.

In another country, New Zealand, Prime Minister (PM) Jacinda Ardern canceled her marriage due to the spread of Covid-19, especially the Omicron variant. The New Zealand government has again tightened mobility and health protocols for its citizens. The regulation on the tightening of the protocol began on Sunday night (23/1/2022).

The strengthening of health protocol in New Zealand due to by one family contracting Omicron after traveling to Auckland. One of the effects was the postponement of Jacinda Ardern’s marriage. “My wedding is not going to take place [in the near term],” Ardern said, quoted from The Guardian page.

Currently, cases of Omicron have infected more than 80 countries in the world. Rapid increases occurred in Latin America, the Middle East, and Asian countries.

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