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5 Germans Eating Habits That Make Their Body Healthy

When asked what good habits we can imitate from the Germans, one of them is their healthy lifestyle. For example, Germans prefer to ride a bicycle instead of a car because it is healthier and also saves the cost of expensive car parking. This lifestyle is also reflected in the healthy eating habits of the Germans.

Want to know what healthy eating habits are? Here are a few to emulate.

1. Sauerkraut lovers

Sauerkraut is typical sauerkraut and Germans usually enjoy it as a side dish. The taste of this sauerkraut is sour because there is a natural fermentation process. Not only is it rich in probiotics that are good for digestion, but it also contains Vitamins A, B, C, and E. If you want to try sauerkraut, you can also eat it as a filling for bread or as a companion to steak or sausage.

2. Breakfast with Muesli

Are we among those who like “heavyweight” breakfast foods such as chicken noodles or vegetables? If you start the day with a carb-laden meal, you’re usually sleepy. If you are sleepy, it might turn out to be unproductive!

Germans usually have muesli for breakfast, which is a dry cereal from a mixture of oats, nuts, fruit, and oats. This muesli can be eaten with milk or as a snack at mealtimes.

Why is this muesli healthy? The fiber content is very high and the wheat contained in it is good for the digestive system. The combination of wheat and nuts makes the stomach full longer. The temptation to snack will be avoided.

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3. Snack on fiber-rich bread

The bread that Germans usually eat is not the usual white bread. When compared with the bread we usually eat, German bread has the characteristics of being coarser and brown in color. If a few years ago we had a fuss with whole grain bread, the Germans have always abandoned white bread. The reason? Bread with a coarse texture such as rye bread, whole grains, or whole wheat contains more fiber which is good for digestion.

4. Don’t skip breakfast

Breakfast with the family has become one of the German eating habits. Most families in Germany enjoy their breakfast with orange juice, coffee or milk along with toast or a hard-boiled egg. Germans rarely talk to each other while eating. They are usually calm when enjoying their food without rushing.

5. Gurkensalat

Besides sauerkraut, another German eating habit is eating gurkensalat or cucumber lettuce. Gurkensalat is popular among people of all ages, especially children. Crunchy and deliciously eaten as a meal companion, gurkensalat is also rich in vitamins. Cucumbers contain 95% water, so eating gurkensalate is good for maintaining hydration and keeping your stomach full for longer.

Although it is not easy to fully implement the German lifestyle in your country, of course, there are some that you can imitate. By striving for a combination of a healthy lifestyle with nutritious food, it is guaranteed that our quality of life will increase every day.

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