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Health Insurance Works with Cashless

Health Insurance in the midst of a pandemic is on the rise. From data from the Financial Services Authority or OJK, health insurance grew positively in the midst of the crisis due to the pandemic. Accumulated health insurance premiums in May 2020 reached Rp 8.86 trillion, up 11.84% year on year, while in May 2021 it reached Rp 9.53 trillion or grew 7.5%. This increase is due to the fact that people have started to become literate about protection against financial risks due to the unexpected, especially due to illness. In this health insurance there are 2 types of insurance, namely cashless health insurance and reimbursement. Through this article, PasarPolis tries to provide information regarding cashless health insurance so that you can understand more about this insurance product.

Understanding Cashless Insurance

This insurance is insurance where the method of claiming or filing a claim does not incur costs or money in advance. In contrast to the replacement, where the policyholder must pay first and the provider will replace it. In cashless insurance, policyholders only need to show their insurance card and the hospital will verify it. This type of insurance is practical and practical and cashless policy holders will feel the convenience of insurance benefits.

How Cashless Health Insurance Works

In order to be able to use cashless health insurance optimally, here are the steps in submitting a claim. Here are the steps:

  1. Choose a cooperating hospital. In order to be able to apply and be able to feel the benefits of this insurance, you have to choose a hospital that becomes a partner or cooperates. This is important because hospital administration officers need to verify your insurance card first with the insurance company.
  2. Complete the Document. You must fill out documents or complete forms upon arrival at the hospital. This is so that the hospital can claim you. The document or form will be a reference in leveraging patient data to the insurance provider. In addition, you must show your cashless health insurance card as a complementary document.
  3. Verification By Hospital. After all the data is complete, the hospital will verify the patient data against the insurance provider. If the application process is approved by the insurance provider. Then medical actions and all costs covered in the policy will be covered immediately. This is the advantage of cashless health insurance, namely the faster claim submission process, so you can immediately get treatment and cover costs.
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Benefits of Using Cashless Health Insurance

After knowing about this insurance and how it works, this point will discuss the advantages of choosing cashless health insurance. Here are the advantages:

  • No need for bailout funds. The first advantage you will feel when you have cashless insurance is that you don’t have to provide fees for bailouts. The cost while in the hospital will be carried out without using your money at all because it is guaranteed by the provider’s insurance.
  • Claims Easier and Practical. In this insurance claim process, convenience and practicality are two very different things from insurance replacement. Just imagine if you have to go to the hospital. You just need to show your membership card and then fill out the form and wait for the verification process. In a short time, you will immediately get medical treatment.
  • Can for an emergency. The last advantage is that it can use for an emergency. This convenience and claim without using bailout funds is very helpful in an emergency. Especially if you are admitted to the hospital and need a lot of immediate treatment.

That’s the discussion about cashless health that you need to know about insurance. In addition to this insurance, there is also life insurance that you need to know.  Talking about health insurance, it’s time for you to start considering using this insurance to protect you and your family.

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