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Health Resolutions You Need to Try in 2022

Entering the new year, of course you still want to maintain a healthy body, right? For starters, try to make health goals or resolutions that you want to achieve. This way, you will have a healthy guide and be more motivated. What are some examples of health resolutions you can make for a healthier self in 2022?

“You are what you eat” – a proven saying. What you eat does affect your health.

For carbohydrate sources, choose complex carbohydrates that do not cause a rapid spike in blood sugar and keep you full longer. Examples are oats, brown rice, and whole wheat bread. Don’t forget to choose carbohydrate sources with higher fiber, such as whole-wheat pasta.

Do not forget to reduce the intake of foods that are not good for health such as fried foods. Choose protein sources that are low in fat, and increase consumption of vegetables and fruit.

As a source of protein, you can eat fish which is a good source of protein with vitamins and minerals. Aim to eat at least two servings of fish a week, including at least one serving of fish with good oils.

Fish with high levels of Omega-3 can help prevent heart disease. Some examples of fish that are good for health are salmon, herring, and sardines.

Regular Exercise

Exercise is great for preventing heart disease, helps prevent excess weight gain, and aids weight loss. When you do physical activity, calories in the body will be burned. The more intense the activity, the more calories you burn.

If you haven’t been exercising regularly, start exercising more regularly from now on! You can start by doing activities such as jogging, swimming, or running 3-5 times a week for a total duration of 150 minutes per week.

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Reach Ideal Weight

Being overweight or obese is a global problem today. Not only increases the risk of heart disease, obesity is also a factor in the emergence of diabetes. According to the Mayo Clinic, obese people are more prone to diabetes.

If you are still overweight, gradually reduce it. Maintaining a regular diet and exercise is the key to successful weight loss.

Rest Enough

To maintain stamina, you are advised to sleep in sufficient amount of time. For adults, it is recommended to sleep for 6-8 hours per day. In addition, to the quantity of sleep, the quality of sleep is also needed. Watch for signs of poor sleep quality, such as feeling sleepy even though you’ve had enough sleep, snoring, and constantly waking up at night.

To become healthier in the coming year, it’s a good idea to take your sleep quality more seriously.

Pay Attention to Mental Health

Finally, mental health is an inseparable part of overall human health. For that, make sure you pay attention to various signs of mental health disorders, one of which is depression.
If you often feel gloomy, sad, and uninspired in your activities, you may be experiencing early signs of depression. Don’t hesitate to seek medical help regarding your mental health.

Of course, entering the new year of course also brings a new spirit to maintain health. Let’s take care of our health by achieving the resolutions above!

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