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Healthy Lung Can Make You Life Longer

The lungs are one of the organs of the body that function as a human breathing apparatus. Its function is so vital that we must strive to keep the lungs healthy. The lungs themselves function to reduce the flow of oxygen to all organs of the body. One of the characteristics of a healthy lung organ is being able to take long breaths because the condition can still accommodate a lot of air.

Most people are negligent and do not pay attention to the condition of their lungs. There are several things that must be considered to know the characteristics of a healthy lung organ. Anything, anyway? Come on, see the reviews!

Characteristics of Healthy Lungs.

1. Can Take a Long Breath

As previously stated, you can take deep breaths without any distractions. This is a sign that your lungs are in good health. The meaning of uninterrupted is that you can take deep breaths with no complaints (feel relieved).

2. Your Breathing Is More Open

The characteristics of healthy lungs are when this one organ of the body can accommodate oxygen levels as much as six liters of air. Your breath is also regular and can be seen when you are exercising.

3. Inflates and Deflates Normally

The next characteristic of healthy lungs is when the lung tissue is flexible. That is, this organ can expand and deflate properly and normally. Lungs that are not healthy will find it more difficult to breathe because the tissue has decreased elasticity.

4. Rarely Cough Pain

The next characteristics of healthy lungs are characterized by cilia work in the lungs that are still functioning properly. Cilia are tiny hairs in the respiratory tract that help keep dirt and other irritating substances out of the lungs. Well, cilia in good condition will keep you from coughing.

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However, the bad habits that we often do turn out to make the lungs slowly damage, such as smoking. The smoke produced from cigarettes has proven to be very harmful to lung health. It is not only dangerous for active smokers, but also for passive smokers who indirectly inhale the smoke. In order for the lungs to be neutralized from cigarette smoke, here’s an efficient and economical way that can make the lungs healthy.

1. Increase Consumption of Soy Beans

Processed soybeans such as tofu, tempeh, and even soy milk may be used as delicious food preparations to restore the healthy lung. The content of flavonoids in soybeans is believed to be able to slow down the inflammation process in the lungs. In addition, soy is also believed to be able to protect the lungs from nicotine which in the long term can cause cancer.

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2. Drink Green Tea Before Sleeping

The health benefits of green tea seem unquestionable. The antioxidants contained in green tea are believed to be effective in eliminating toxins, improving liver function, and lowering cholesterol levels in the body.

Drinking green tea is very good for consumption while relaxing in the afternoon. However, because the goal is to clean the lungs, it is recommended to drink green tea before going to bed so that the toxins in the lungs become clean when you wake up the next morning.

3. Consume Ginger Every Day

Ginger which has been useful for warming the body can also be used as a medicine that nourishes the lungs. Antiseptic and antibacterial substances contained in ginger are believed to be able to reduce nicotine levels in the lungs. Ginger can be added to foodstuffs or processed into delicious drinks that are perfect for consumption in the morning before starting your activities.

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4. Adding Selenium to Food

Selenium is one source of minerals that contain enzymes and vitamin E. The point is to strengthen the performance of the lungs in the human body. The more the amount of selenium consumed, the better the function of the body’s organs. Research proves that selenium is very effective in reducing or killing cancer cells in the body.

5. Drink more water

Mineral water or what is known as water has extraordinary properties for the human body. In addition to facilitating the body’s metabolic processes, water can also dissolve toxic substances in the body, especially the lungs. The process of removing toxic substances will be excreted together with urine when we urinate.

The amount of water that we must consume is as much as 2 liters or 8 glasses every day. This amount is a reasonable limit. That is, we are allowed to consume more than 2 liters of water every day to facilitate metabolism in the body.

6. Consuming Carrot Juice Regularly

Foodstuffs including dairy products should be removed during the lung cleansing process. Processed milk can be replaced with carrot juice which can be drunk twice a day, in the morning and afternoon. The alkaline and potassium content in carrots can fight toxins in the body so that the lungs will slowly clear.

7. Exercise regularly

Exercise is great for improving the performance of the human lungs. Light exercise, such as jogging, gymnastics, or walking, will indirectly help the lungs to pump oxygen throughout the body. Other sports, such as jumping rope or squat jumps, can also be used as other alternatives to strengthen lung function.

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