Push-Ups Tips and Movements for Beginners

For those who are actively building body muscles, push-ups must be one of the movements that must be included as a routine exercise. However, push-ups may be difficult for beginners. Here are tips for doing the right push-ups for those of you who are just starting out.

Push up tips for beginners

Push-ups have various benefits. It can help strengthen the muscles of the upper body, especially the triceps, chest muscles, and shoulders. The benefits can also be felt in everyday life. Some activities such as pushing something also require muscle ability in the hands that can be trained through push-ups.

You can do it anytime and anywhere, you don’t need any special equipment. Even so, push-ups cannot be done carelessly. Instead of benefiting you, you could get injured or cramped from not doing it right. These two issues are common problems for beginners when doing push-ups for the first time.

How to prevent it? First, try to warm up properly. At least, warming up can help those of you who are not used to holding loads for too long.

Second, it’s a good idea for beginners to prepare a comfortable push-up place to prevent injury. Choose a place with a flat surface. You can also use a mat such as a yoga mat.

When you start, place your hands under your shoulders with your palms straight to avoid wrist pain. Do not do push ups with clenched fists so as not to put stress on your hands.

Keep your eyes down to avoid neck pain. Also make sure to straighten your body during push-ups.

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Always remember not to overexert your body. Doing a good push up does require a lot of energy and muscles to work. To reduce the after-effects of pain, you can start with a little like 5 push-ups. Continue to train your body and increase the workload, then the body will start to get used to it.

Modification of the push-up movement for beginners

You don’t have to immediately do the usual push-ups, there have been many modifications to this movement that are tailored to your abilities. If push-ups still feel heavy for you who are beginners, maybe some of these modified push-ups can be tried. Doing these push-ups will help your body get used to it when you start moving to traditional push-ups.

Wall push-ups

One modification that is quite easy for beginners to do is wall push-ups. The essence of the wall push-up movement is the same as a regular push-up. But the difference is you can do it by resting on a wall or it can be on an object with another flat surface such as a cupboard or table.

These push-ups are easy enough for beginners to do. Here are the steps:

Place your palms against the wall with shoulder-width apart between them.
Take your feet back about one to two small steps while keeping your hands in position. Keep the distance between the legs parallel to the shoulders.
Straighten your body, bend your elbows and slowly move your torso toward the wall, keeping your feet flat on the surface.
Hold the position for a few seconds. After that, use your hands to slowly push your body back and return to the starting position.
Repeat the movement several times.

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Knee push-ups

The modification of the push-up movement that can be done for beginners is the knee push-up. In addition to training the muscles in the body from the waist up, knee push-ups can also train the strength and balance of the knees. Here are the steps:

Position your body towards the mat with your hands and knees resting on the mat.
Align your hands under your shoulders and straighten them. Keep a comfortable distance between your hands and knees.
Slowly bend your elbows and lower your chest toward the mat until almost touching. Hold the position for a few seconds and feel the contraction of your core muscles.
Pull your chest back away by straightening your arms. Return to the original position.
Repeat the movement several times.

Seated push-ups

Apparently, push-ups can also be done in a sitting position. This push-up movement is useful for training shoulder strength and balance. Seated push-ups can be tried for beginners, here are the steps:

Sit with both palms at the side supporting on the bench. Position your feet comfortably on the floor.
Apply pressure on your palms down to bring your body up while maintaining a sitting position. Lift slightly until your hips and buttocks are separated from the surface of the bench.
Repeat the movement several times.

Good luck!

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